1. All Malaysian citizen aged 18 years old and above and not otherwise disqualified is eligible to vote
  2. You do not need to register because you are automatically registered. Anyone who reaches 18 years old and included in the last gazetted voters roll before dissolution of Parliament/DUN. For this coming 6 State Election, the gazetted voters roll will be use is the the April supplementary roll updated until 21 June 2023. All you need to do is check your polling station and present yourself on the polling day to VOTE 
  3. Disqualified means: of unsound mind or is serving a sentence of imprisonment; or has been convicted in any part of the Commonwealth and sentenced to death or to a term of imprisonment of more than 12 months and has yet to complete his/her sentence
  4. You will be automatically registered with your IC address, which means your constituency will follow your IC address, unless you have updated the address with SPR before 31 August 2022 and was subsequently approved.
  5. Electoral Roll is the official list of voters in a constituency who are entitled to vote in an election. The Election Commission updates and gazettes its electoral roll monthly and the electoral roll used for this PRN is the April 2023 Electoral Roll, as this is the latest electoral roll before dissolution.
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Updated on July 20, 2023