• If they are officially bankrupt at the time of candidacy or declared bankrupt during the election period
  • If they hold a full-time job as a civil servant or accept such a job.
  • If they fail to submit a statement of election expenses as per the parameters of the law. E.g. late submission, incomplete document, expenses exceeding RM 100K.
  • If they are found to have a citizenship in a foreign country (a permanent residency is permissible), or have exercised their right as a foreign citizen or have made a declaration of allegiance to any foreign country during the election period. 
  • Within five years of release from custody on an offense convicted by a court in the Federation (or before Malaysia Day in the areas of Sabah or Sarawak or Singapore) and was/is sentenced to imprisonment for a period of not less than one (1) year or fined not less than two thousand Malaysian ringgit (RM2,000.00) and has not yet received a Pardon.
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Updated on July 17, 2023