1. You can contact SPR at 03-8892 7200/ 03-8892 7018
  2. You can also contact your respective local state election office
  3. You can submit a complaint online: https://www.spr.gov.my/ms/aduan-pertanyaan
  4. You can also submit a complaint to BERSIH for our records at www.pemantau.org
  5. If you are qualified but your name is not registered in the electoral roll as a voter in the constituency (ie cannot find details), it may be due to technical errors and you should immediately write to the SPR and if you are further deprived of your right to vote, you should consult a lawyer
  6. If your details are wrong (eg wrong voting address), you shall immediately write to the SPR to make corrections.
  7. But unfortunately any changes after the dissolution of Parliament or DUN will not allow you to vote in the changed constituencies.


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Updated on July 21, 2023