1. Borang 14 is a statement of the poll after counting the ballots. Each saluran will have one Borang 14.
  2. After counting, Borang 14 will be filled up, stating the following statements:-
    • Total number of ballot papers to be accounted for in the ballot box
    • Number of votes for each candidates
    • Number of rejected ballot papers
    • Total number of ballot papers issued but not put in the ballot box
  1. Borang 14 will then be signed by the KTM (Ketua Tempat Mengundi) and the polling/counting agents. Once signed, it is certified that the statement in Borang 14 is correct.
  2. A copy of Borang 14 must be given given to each polling/counting agents.
  3. After the counting of votes is completed, and Borang 14 is signed, the:
    • counted ballots
    • rejected ballots
    • marked electoral rolls
    • ballot paper counterfoils; and
    • unused and spoilt ballot papers,

will be sealed in special packets, signed by the KTM and any polling/counting agents who wishes to sign. The packets will then be sealed in the ballot box, with the security sealed by the KTM and any polling/counting agents who wishes to sign the seal on the ballot box.

6. Borang 14 and Borang 13 will be placed in a separate special envelope and will not be placed in the ballot box.

  1. All of the above will then be delivered to the Tallying Centre for the constituency for tallying.
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Updated on July 17, 2023