1. After you have marked your ballot paper, place it in Envelope A.
  2. Then, place Envelope A and Form 2, into Envelope B
  3. Envelope B is addressed to the Returning Officer of your constituency.
  4. Then post it back to the Returning Officer at the addressed stated in Envelope B or have it hand-delivered.

DO NOT send the Envelope B to Malaysia Embassies or consulates.

DO NOT send the Envelope B to SPR headquarters at Putrajaya.

5. Your marked Ballot Paper + Form 2 MUST reached the Returning Officer before the close of polling on 19 November 2022.

6. Please read the infographic instruction by SPR at http://sprinfo.spr.gov.my/spr/UNDI%20POS%20PRU%2015/12.%20CARA-CARA%20MENGUNDI%20POS.pdf

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Updated on July 25, 2023