Circulated message : New rules from SPR to make it did to vote this GE15. You need to print out your details from SPR website. You are only allowed to vote 8am to 10am for morning n 2pm to 4pm. Even though it is stated voting time is 10 hours, the guards will not allow people in from 10am to 1pm n voting centers will close 4pm sharp. This is a cheating method for UMNO to win. Make sure you have a given number in your details. Those without number will not be allowed in. Plus no handphone allowed. Please make police reports. This is the biggest scam from SPR.

Bersih’s response : Highly unlikely to be true. Such an action would lead to immediate chaos on Polling Day and any result from such an election would not be accepted. Viraled messages without any reference to source of information should not be believed or shared. Nonetheless, only the EC has the responsibility to deny such claims.

Link to the EC’s guide on polling hours…

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Updated on July 17, 2023