1. The official tallying of votes will be done by the Returning Officer at the Tallying centre, by adding up the numbers on Borang 14 of each saluran.
  2. The Returning Officer may only refer to Borang 14 and Borang 13 at the Tallying Centre. Ballots are not recounted after Borang 14 has been signed and the ballot boxes have left the polling station. Any “recounts” at the Tally Centre are only re-tallying of the numbers stated in Borang 13 and Borang 14. No ballots are re-counted at the Tally Centre.
  1. The Returning Officer and the SPR cannot officially announce the results of any election until the Returning Officer has received all the physical copies of Borang 14 at the Tallying Center.
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Updated on July 17, 2023