Circulated message : If you are registered as a postal voter, you ABSOLUTELY MUST ensure that you collect your ballots. If you do not, this is opening up your vote to risk of abuse.

At the moment, there is no law regulating the practice of Advance Voting despite references made in existing regulations to advance voters.

1) What is the process in place for postal voting?
The returning officer will issue ballots in envelopes to postal voters, and these envelopes will be sent to the embassies/mission/consulates in the voter’s respective country. The embassies will then proceed to mail out the ballots to the voters. However, we recommend that you make advance preparation with staff at the embassy to collect the vote in person so that your vote is not lost or delayed.
2) When is ‘polling day’, i.e. when do I collect my ballots?
Please check with your local embassy, high commission or consulate to find out what arrangements are in place for the collection of overseas postal ballots. You are responsible for casting your vote at the embassy on the appointed overseas polling day or returning the postal “

Bersih’s Response : This information is totally misleading. Malaysian embassies of consulates has NO role in the handling of postal ballots for overseas Malaysian voters. The EC will process and mail out your postal ballot directly to your registered overseas address after Nomination Day. Once you have received and marked your ballot and sealed the envelope, mail it or have it delivered to the Returning Officer of your constituency, not the EC headquarter.

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Updated on July 17, 2023