1. Once you receive the ballot paper, you must act immediately and post/courier the marked ballot paper back to the Returning Officer of your constituency. All relevant envelopes should have been provided to you. 
  2. Whether your marked ballot paper will make it back in time before the closing times will depend on the speed of the postage/courier service.
  3. Alternatively, seek out efforts carried out by GlobalBersih and Undi18 to help you bring back your marked ballot paper. These are efforts endorsed by Bersih and they are reliable. You can check out these links:
  4. Your vote will not be tempered with if you follow the instructions to securely seal the envelope together with the relevant forms.
  5. It is unlikely that your vote will be “exchanged” with someone else if you follow the instructions from the Election Commission to mark and fill in the relevant form.
  6. However, it is a risk that your vote may be lost in postage or reach the polling station after polling day is over, thus, take all efforts within your means to ensure the speedy return of your vote. 
  7. You can check the details of the Returning Officer at http://www.spr.gov.my
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Updated on July 25, 2023