As you will be voting outside the environment of a polling center where there are no Election Workers and the Polling Agents to verify your identity, it is important to have a mechanism in place to verify your identity. Form 2 is for that purpose. The Postal Ballot issued to you does not have any of your particulars but to ensure that you are the one who voted and not any other person who might get hold of that blank Postal Ballot, Form 2 need to be correctly filled in and send back together with your marked Postal Ballot.

Note on Form 2:-

    1. Write your full name and identity card number in CAPITAL.
    2. Sign it.
    3. Get another Malaysian to witness you.
    4. The witness needs to fill in his/her full name, address and IC number.
    5. Witness address can be a Malaysian address OR the witness’s overseas residency address. The purpose is for the SPR to be able to contact the witness for any verification in case of dispute.
    6. If you did not write your full name in Capital letters, it does not mean that your vote will automatically be rejected. It would be at the discretion of the Returning Officer whether to accept or reject.
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Updated on July 17, 2023