1. Voting is a fundamental right of all Malaysian citizens. By voting, you decide on the government for the next five years and have a say in how your life will be run. Every vote counts! In GE14 and GE15, voters led to many changes such as:
    • Change of government for the first time
    • Passing of the Anti-Hopping Law
    • Equitable funds being given to Opposition MPs/ADUNs
    • Automatic Voter Registration
    • Lowering of voting and contesting age to 18 at Federal level
    • Some high profile corruption cases being brought to justice
    • Passing of the Anti Sexual Harassment Law
    • Reclassification Sabah and Sarawak as territories in keeping with MA63
  2. Ensure that more positive changes will come about by casting your vote for the right MP/ADUN to represent 

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Updated on July 21, 2023